VOICEOVERS - If you have a training video that you'd like standardized for the entire organization, or maybe you're an amateur film maker doing a documentary... 83G Productions can help.  You send us the script, we'll record the audio in our studio, and email the file back to you.  We can even add music.  Click here to let us know how we can help make your project a success.  


CUSTOM RADIO ADS - Local radio stations provide outstanding production departments.  If you're looking for a different voice, or someone to customize your ads, then contact 83G Productions.  Over 30 years in the radio business has given us a unique ability to create professional sounding ads.  We can help you with your script and record the ads.  We can even add music and sound effects, and we'll change them as often as you need us to.  And then.... when you make spend your advertising money with a local radio station, WE email them the commercial.  Saves you time and effort, and gets your ads on the air, as you want them, quickly.  Click here to get started.  


PHONE SYSTEMS - If your business uses a voicemail system, it improves your image by having professional sounding outgoing messages.  We can provide you with professional audio, from your main number, directing people to the right party, to an away message that presents a professional image.  Click here for a quote, and we'll get started right away.